Sunday, June 12, 2011

Please Have Your Kid's Party At Pump It Up!

Let me make this request to all my friends . . . Please Have Your Child's Birthday at Pump It Up And Please Invite Us!!!

We went to a birthday party for our friends that we went through foster care training with and it was the best night of James' and Nana's life! They had so much fun climbing, sliding, giggling, sweating, etc. They didn't stop moving the whole time we were there and I one point I thought James was going to have an asthma attack and he doesn't even have asthma. It was a blast!

Jeremy and I both enjoyed watching the kids be so brave. They did every slide, James climbed every wall and obstacle (with Daddy close behind) and showed no fear of any of it. The pictures are super blurry and probably only interesting to Jeremy and I, but we had so much fun.

Nana climbing the baby slide.
She even slid down on her own. Brave little thing!

James and Jeremy climbing the massive slide. I couldn't believe James kept insisting on doing this and even slid by himself. Me and Nana did this about 10 times as well and no one took our picture. It was a beating climbing up that thing with her on my hip. I could only hold on the rope with one hand and I thought I was going to fall all the way down and take down all the kids with me, but we kept making it. I was so tired, but she loved it so I couldn't stop!

See tiny little James at the top getting ready to go BY HIMSELF. So fun!

Daddy came down after him and they were so excited to see each other.

This is Nana just chillin' in one of the big bounce houses.

Here's James climbing one of the walls.

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