Sunday, June 5, 2011

Potty Training!!!!

Well, it's official. . . we have begun potty training. I am so happy that we did because it ended up being a little easier than I thought it would be. James has been in underwear since Tuesday (today is Sunday) and he loves them and I love that he is consistently going to the potty for ALL his business.

The first day was a beating. I wish I would have known my friend's advice about starting day one after nap time. Whew! It nearly killed me taking him to the potty all day, cleaning up accidents, trying to stay positive and smile while scrubbing floors over and over and over. However I was so excited about him being potty trained that I really didn't mind.

The second day was super encouraging. He woke up dry in the morning, did great going to the potty all day, started recognizing when he was pooping and loved getting his jelly beans when he actually did something in the potty.

The third day was pure TORTURE! He started crying when he would see his pee come out, he held his pee the whole morning until it just exploded and flooded the house, he would sit on the potty and say "no candy" and then just get up because he didn't want to potty. However, it was beautiful outside and he loves peeing in the grass so we spent a lot of time outdoors and he did learn a little bit about "releasing" while playing naked outside. However, by day three I was SICK AND TIRED of potty talk and trips to the potty, so much so that I didn't even want to go myself. (Oh and let me add here that on this day Remi decided he was going to be potty trained, too so I was doing the both of them all day) Exhausting!

Day four was a breeze. He wore underwear to a friend's birthday party. Did his business at her house and only had one accident that really wasn't his fault, wore underwear out to dinner and even pottied at the restaraunt on the big potty (I carried his seat in my purse and it worked perfectly). He took his naps in underwear and even woke up dry in the morning.

Day 5 Super Easy! I think we're there! Yay! So happy. Remi's mom said he did great all weekend, too. So I am about to be only diapering one child!! This is fabulous.


Laurie said...

Love it, Maile!!! You are so right that it is exhausting! You stuck with it though and pushed through the feelings of dispair and here you are! What a relief. :)

Adina said...

Ok so I was thinking it was about time to start with Simon too but I'm nervous. Did yall do a lot of potty talk before hand? We bought a little potty and Simon could care less, he acts like he is just to busy to care or sit still for even a min.

Maile said...

I hope you can read this cause I can't figure out how to email you. We've had our potty out for a while and we've been reading "The Potty Book for Boys" for a few months because James loves the little character Henry. However, I think what helped the most was just going straight to undies and never looking back. Stay home for the first 2-3 full days and he'll get it. It's super hard, but it will just click and he'll be a pro in no time.