Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Splash Time

There is no other way to survive this heat than to just turn on the water in the backyard and get wet. We've been doing that a lot around here and now (thanks to Wendy Davis' dad) Nana gets in, too. The kiddos loved soaking Jeremy last night :)
Here's James washing Daddy's hair. It's his least favorite part of bath time so he's seeking his revenge on Daddy in the pool.

A little swinging to dry off. Nothing like slippery wet bottoms on a tire swing to make this momma nervous.

Sweeties! Please excuse Nana's nakedness. I didn't put her swimsuit on so she just has her swim diaper on. Oh well.

Sprinklers are the best invention for so many reasons! Notice the potty in the background. It's hasn't been far from us for a little over a week now. It goes where we go.

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