Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekly Randoms

Here is some random photos from our week. Our little brown bear has recently learned to climb the slide in the playroom. She could not be happier about her new found success. She loves to climb and do all the things the boys can do and she's finally made it. Going down is lots of fun, too.

James has done lots of name practice this week. He's been able to spell his name since Christmas, but he has recently forgot that there is a "M" in his name so we have been re-learning that. This sheet was printed off from the 1+1+1=1 blog. You can find it on the right. She has awesome printables. And yes, we did all capitals because we don't have lowercase foam letters or stamps yet. James has discovered night time stall tactics and this one works on Daddy every time. He'll first tell us that he has to go potty--which of course we get him out of bed and take him. Then he'll squirt out a drop or two of pee and then look at Jeremy and say, "Me lay on Daddy with Doggy?" Then he will get situated and ask Jeremy to read "one more book". Ha! He's a smart one. It doesn't work on me, but Daddy is a softy and it works on him.

Nana still loves being a care taker. She loves to feed her baby, dress her baby, rock her baby, etc. One of her dolls laughs when you push her chest and so she will gently rub the baby's chest and expect the little laughter to begin. It's so cute. She'll sip the bottle and then give the baby some bottle. So sweet. James loved his baby doll, but James never took care of his baby doll like Nana does. The motherly instict is already there for her.

Here's Nana with "Castle Marble Works". I'll just give a shout out to Discovery Toys about this toy because we love it. It's one of the more expensive toys, $40, but the kids haven't stopped playing with it since we've been borrowing it from my team leader. You can change the ramps to be in any order and the three bell balls make the sweetest noise. You can race the balls, do one at a time, or simply drop them at different times and see them all go down. It is really meant for 2-6 year old because pulling up on it topples it over, but we have it out anyway. I love that the track goes back and forth rather than around and around. Perfect for training little eyes to read left to right and track print. It's a wonderful toy!

Hope ya'll have had a good week. It's been great around here. Love these two kiddos, and our little Remi.

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