Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Randoms

What? Don't all kids wear their potty seats as hats? You all know that James loves wearing things on his head. Well, the other day at Chic-fil-a it was a little odd to let our child run around with his potty seat on his head, but we did. At least we know we will get lots of use out of this seat :0)
Here is how we went to Wal-Mart yesterday. No one wanted to ride in my buggy or be carried by me. I was the lonely shopper all because these two both wanted their Mammy.

At least when they yelled in the store I could pretend I didn't know them.

Here's James making his grandpas something special for Father's Day. Look at his apron. Is that not darling. It was $1 at Dollar Tree. Love it!

Dollar Tree also had these little shot glasses (I think they look like communion cups) in lots of different colors so we bought two colors and James has been stacking cups like his Uncle Jesse. Great motor skill practice. Plus they are fun to get sips of water out of, too.

And yes, he is naked. Since we've been pottying so much lately he has discovered that being naked is a lot of fun. Now we compromise with at least wearing underwear. Boys will be boys.

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