Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekly Randoms

Another great week has gone by and I'm so very thankful that I got to spend it with these cuties! Here's some more of our random weekly pics that don't really fit into their own post but fit nicely together as just fun times.

Here's James getting super excited about a game of "high five" he and Remi were playing today. Not sure why it was soooo fun, but he was having a blast.

This is his new thing he started this week. When he makes the noise for the cow he sticks up his horns and slowly says, "Moo". It's hilarious and he always makes this same face when he does it.

This is James attacking Jeremy one day in Nana's room. He kept trying to lick Jeremy's face--not sure why--but it was the thing to do apparently. And sweet Nana Bear is standing on the stool trying to get on the bed (which she can do now). She's getting so big!

There's the lick in action!

Here's Nana one night when we had pudding for dessert. Oh it was bad! Very bad!

James loves to go with Daddy to the bank. Can you guess why?

Awe, sweet sucker bliss.

This little beetle (if you can even see it in this pic because it's so small) was crawling around our living room the other day and the boys played with it for about half an hour. It kept loosing more and more legs as the time went by and then eventually Remi brought it to me smashed between his fingers, but he was a loved bug for a little while at least.

I've started buying James frozen sausage biscuits from the grocery store because he is obsessed with sausage and he is in love with them. This is him eating one the other morning and feeling so big because he got to hold the whole biscuit while Nana had to have her's cut.

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