Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's Your Definition of Clean?

I know that everyone has a different definition of clean. Some people like things completely spotless and their house always looks like a picture freshly torn from magazine. Some people are ok with udder chaos as long as they can find their car keys when they are ready to leave for work. I'm definitely in between. I can handle a little chaos. I can handle a few piles of mail and a few grass clippings on the floor. I can handle it if the kids get out toys in every room and even drag some in rooms that don't have toys. I can handle shoes by the front door (or right now a potty by the front door) and sippy cups in various parts of the kitchen. I can handle all of this if I know that the house is basically clean. Is it dusted? Can I walk around barefoot and not get crumbs on my feet? Have the carpets been vacuumed? If I can answer these questions with a "yes" then I feel like my house is clean.

As I looked at my kitchen last night I had this calming feeling of, "It's clean! Yay!" and then I realized that the other side of my sink was full of drying dishes from dinner. But that doesn't bother me. They're not dirty. They're drying. Anyway, this got me thinking about people's definitions of clean and I was just wondering where my friends stand.

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Sarah said...

I definitely cannot stand clutter, but I'm also working on that because I know I can be too obsessive about it. I don't like toys out (unless they are actually playing with them of course). But then its stupid for me to pick them up and put them away, because they are going to drag them back out in 15 minutes. So I've been just leaving the toys and we only pick them up before bed time. But I'm like you with the floors. As long as I don't feel anything on my bare feet, I'm good! Enjoy reading your blog. The kiddos are just precious!