Monday, July 25, 2011

ANOTHER new bed

Well, Mr. James is moving on up in the world of beds again. This kid is going to think you get a new bed every two weeks. However, this time we had to move fast because a foster family that we know needed a crib and so we did musical beds this weekend at our house. James' bed got torn down and moved into Nana's room (lovely that it wouldn't fit out the door so you gotta take it apart and put it back together). Nana's bed got taken down and loaded into a pick-up truck this morning and James' new bed has been being built the past two days (it's IKEA and it will be sturdy forever, but it was a beast to put together).

Anyway, so James is super thrilled to have another new bed and each time he goes into his room he says, "look at me bed! look at me bed!" Anyway, I have wanted this bed since before James was born and it was going to be his Christmas present this year, but I guess Christmas came early.
I love that it's a bunk bed, but that the bottom bed is on the ground. This makes it not very tall and perfect for a growing boy. The top will be just for play right now because he can't do the straight up and down ladder by himself.

We took him to Target and let him pick out sheets for his new bed. He picked these lined sheets with cars and trucks on them. They're so cute! He keeps pointing out the motorcycle on the sheets and says, "motorcycle like Randad".

The top has a cute tent that you can buy to go over it. I love the tent and it makes the top even safer and more fun!

Once again, a happy boy in his new bed. Now that we have more bed space we should add another kid to our home--just kidding. The inn is full!

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