Friday, July 29, 2011

Math Talk

I opened up a new topic for discussion this week and it's been fun to talk about it with the boys. Math. We've been doing a little bit of math and we've been calling it math and I like it. The first day I just did some drawings of simple addition. We chose two balls from the bin and I drew them and we added them and so forth. This has been nice because it's given us some new words to say while we are playing: plus, equals, more, less, add, take away, together, etc. I've been trying to do a little mini-lesson each day with them and it's amazing the new things kids can take on in just a matter of minutes.

This picture shows Nana and James counting themselves on the easel. They're so cute!
The journals we have been doing have lit a fire under James and he now wants to see everything written. I know his brain loves letters and words, but I didn't know how much he loved them until now. All throughout the day he will ask me write words for him. He'll search all over the house and say, "Mommy write. . . Barney". So there is always a list of words on the easel because he keeps wanting to see more and more. I'm amazed at all the words he can already read. He's a machine!!!!

Here he is working on his "lines". He always wants me to draw stars for him on the easel and then he connects them with a line. He's going to love connect the dots someday. Anyway we've gone through so much paper this week of him drawing "lines". And he'll say, "I'm working, Momma. I'm working on lines".

Just recently he has started taking pictures of his work when he likes it. Here he is with his Cinderella cell phone taking a picture of his "lines".

It's been a fun week of learning. We've added a little bit to our ocean, which I'll post later, but mostly the boys have been coloring at the easel and playing in James' new bed. They crack me up!!!

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