Monday, July 18, 2011

More Journaling and Our New Scissors

So following other mommy blogs is so good for me because it gives me ideas of things James can do that I didn't know that he could do. Scissors is one of those things. I had no idea that 2 year olds could manipulate scissors. It makes sense because he can work tongs and stuff, but it had never crossed my mind to get him a pair of scissors.

Well now that school supplies are on sale I went and stocked up on some stuff and these little safety scissors were on sale, too. I got him a pair and he's great at it! I'm so glad to know that he can now cut stuff out. We practiced the other night just on some scrap paper and it's work for him, but he can do it. I like these scissors (they say for 3 and up) because they only open a little bit and the blade at the tip is protected by plastic. He wanted to go and cut my hair and Nana's hair and Gracie's hair, but we talked about only using "these" scissors on paper. Let's hope I never have to do the "My kid cut his own hair" blog entry.
He did another journal entry last night. It was so cute. We had been playing with his plastic ocean animals and I asked him if he wanted to journal about the octopus. Of course he was excited because that meant he got to use his "new markers" again. So we sat down at the table and talked about the features of the octopus. We agreed that the octopus "looks weird" and then he drew it. I love that he picked the color red to draw him with. Also near the bottom of the page you can see a group of little red lines which he was drawing the 8 legs. Then he signed his cute signature in brown at the end. Sooo cute! He wanted to write that the octopus was pink and had 8 legs. We also went back and "read" his last journal entry about the markers. So important with journaling that you get them to "read" their own stories. Anyway, if you haven't got your kid a journal GET ONE!!!

Here's Nana coloring while we journaled. She loves to color and still uses both hands when doing so even though I'm pretty sure she will be right handed. She has never left a coloring session without having crayon shavings in her teeth. We're working on that.

This is a little computer that I got at our Lifegroup's garage sale. It's fabulous. It has about 40 games that you can play and James is able to actually play about 5 of them so it will be a computer that will grow with him for a long time. I love the mouse that came with it. I believe it's VTech, but I'm not sure.

Hope you are enjoying the start to your week. Can't wait to play with the sand I bought this weekend!!!

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