Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Dear Friend

This is a picture of my dear friend Danna and her family. I used to teach with Danna in Arlington and got to watch her become a mommy the year before I did. She and her husbanad, Aaron, are the best of friends and loved nothing more than raising Charis and being together.

Well Saturday morning, when the rest of the world was waking up to start their weekend, Danna woke up to find that Aaron had died. I don't know any details, but the ones I do know are enough to send my heart into complete brokeness. He's gone from this earth and she is now facing life without him. This was so unexpected and so shocking that I can't imagine what she is feeling or thinking at this time. And Charis--sweet little 3 year old Charis, what about her? I'm so sad. So sad for everyone in this sweet family.

Please pray for them. Please pray specifically for Danna and Charis peace and comfort. She's a stay at home mom and Aaron was so faithful to support her and Charis spending their days together. I'm not sure what she is going to do, but I know life is about to radically change.

If you are willing to give financially to Danna and Charis would you please let me know. I would love to be able to help her out in at least this way if you can. Death comes and real life doesn't stop so please give if you are willing.

Hug your husbands and your families today. You just never know. :(

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