Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Ocean is Here!!!

We're so excited over here to be beginning learning about the ocean. The kids have had this blank back wall to look at for a few days and they were so happy to finally get started on their art this morning. Their cute little octopuses were so fun and so easy!
Here's the book selection we have so far. Our Bible stories will be Noah and Jonah. Noah not only brings about conversations about God's promises and faithfulness, but also rain and water cycle. Perfect! And we all know what little ones can learn from Jonah. Yikes!

Here's our little octopus up close. Is he not adorable? I just sponge painted their four fingers twice and then we used a circle sponge to make his head. Then they created water with a rectangle sponge. I took the picture before we put his mouth on but he does have a mouth so he won't starve.

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