Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Randoms

I have very random pictures this week and I didn't take many pictures this week because I took a lot of video. I'll post later what big things have been going on that kept me behind the camera all week.

This first picture is James praying at snack time one day. What was so great about this moment is that it was his first time to say a prayer alone. We always pray with him, but on this day I was talking to Nana and getting their snack started and James just started praying. He said, "Lord thank you for my whales (knock off Goldfish crackers), my water and for Daddy and Nana. Amen".

I couldn't think of what to do in the moment so I just took his picture. It was too cute. Ever since then he has wanted to say his own prayers. Sweet kid.
I found this on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby. I had to get it since we are learning more about Noah with our ocean theme. I liked that it had two of every animal and that they were stickers. We have also started a new memory verse and the boys pretty much already have it learned. I only say the chapter with them right now so this one is Psalm 118 Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love lasts forever." I posted a video of James saying his last memory verse on FB. I'll try to put it on the blog if you haven't seen it. It's sooooo sweet. That verse took him about a month to learn.

This is the latest journal that he did. I love it because it's about his Doggy that he sleeps with and would carry everywhere with him if we would let him, but we don't let it leave the bed :)

Anyway, I wrote Doggy's name at the top and then let him draw him. He drew his blue body parts first, then added two black eyes and black toes and then his red collar. Then when he was done drawing I asked him, "what do you like about Doggy?" and he said, "I like his name and I like my name, too". Then I asked him, "What do you do with Doggy?" and I thought he would say sleep with him, but he said, "I hold his ear" and it's true he holds one of Doggy's ears with one hand and then sucks his thumb on the other hand. (Also, I know that I spelled it Doggie's name on the paper, but I went back and fixed that. Don't know what I was thinking).

I don't have a real camera so I take all my pics on my phone and it's hard to see his drawing, but you get the point.

I wanted to share this tip that works for me with keeping arts and crafts ideas. I get the Oriental Trading magazine all the time and there are always cute ideas for things to make in there, but you can totally make them on your own. So I cut out all the pics I like and glue them on themed construction paper.

Here's what I cut out today.

Then I sort them by theme (this is bug/garden theme) and glue them on the paper. Then this paper goes in my file and I can make them if I want to or I at least have the idea for when I do this theme again. Hope that helps you keep up with your ideas.

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