Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Randoms

What a hot and fun week we have had. Here are a few randoms from this week:
Here's James finishing off his meal at Chic-Fil-A with a little lick of the ketchup packet. Yummy!
On Thursday our electricity went out for 4 1/2 hours and we were hot! I kept thinking it was about to come back on because the crew was in the alley working, but it took forever. Praise the Lord for electricity and an air conditioner. Even the dog was hot. I had everyone outside playing in the water until it was too dark to see. Gracie kept drinking out of the kids pool. Poor doggy!

Here's Nana driving Jeremy at the mall play area. Those two are crazy together. Perfectly matched!!

Here's Remi working on his letters. I just wrote some letters in front of him on the easel and then I would call out a letter and he had to color it. Worked pretty well. Remi knows a lot more letters than he can name so coloring them was easier for him than telling me their name. This is a good way to assess what your kid knows quickly and easily.

Silly boy swinging :)

I have loved our new job chart for James (that is until Nana ate it). We started last week giving James nickels for his jobs. He loves putting money in his money jar and then he likes to take it to the bank and "buy a sucker". So Jeremy and I opened him up an account and now any time Jeremy has to go to the bank James goes and gets some of his money and puts it into his account, I mean buys a sucker.

His three jobs are: feed his turtle, brush his teeth, and pick up the dog bowl to be washed and refilled. Simple jobs, but fun for him. After taking Dave Ramsey I am 100% convinced that kids need payment for jobs that they do, but that they also need jobs that are just part of being a member of the family. James also has to refill the toilet paper, help with trash and recycling, pick up toys, and clean his potty, but payment is not given for these jobs. I could do a whole nother blog about his jobs and payment, but for now I'll just leave you with the chart. We like it. It works well (or worked well. I have to make more job squares because Nana ate his) and it's easy to use. The moment he finishes a job he gets his nickel.

Hope you had a great week. Don't forget about DT's amazing summer sale. Message me if you need the flyer. It's full of great stuff!!!

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Wendy Davis said...

I love your chore chart! I was telling Kyle about it and told him we need to do that with Finley. And I agree with you about kiddos needing to do chores that are just a part of being in a family, but that they should also have jobs that they do to earn money! You're one smart cookie my friend...Yum, I want a know the ones...the stuffed M&M goodness from the mall...............anyways, loved seeing your what you and your kiddos did this week! You guys totally should have came over on Thursday, we had A/C you could have borrowd :)