Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amarillo Time

We're so thankful for the Amarillo time we had last week. We were in need a visit and had been missing our family. The kids had a great time being spoiled by everyone and best of all we got to see Jeremy's brother, Jared, get married. I cried through the whole wedding, but they were tears of joy. I have become a complete emotional softy since I have had kids.

Here's James with my dad, Gdad. He has this restaurant that he loves to eat at and we met him there twice. It's so good!!! It's inside a grocery store, but it's delicious.
Nana got pampered by her Aunt Abbi and is still sporting her pink toenails. She certainly looked her best at the wedding.

Cutest toes I've ever seen. And once the paint dried you could tell she knew she was cute. She is everything girly!!!

Abbi is the queen of kids. Both kids adored her the whole time we were there. I don't think I've ever met a 16 that is so responsible, helpful, and mature. Love this girl!

James' Uncle Jesse is a pro at stacking cups. I had no idea all the cups that are available for stacking games, but there's a lot. Jesse is so good at it and spends hours perfecting his techniques. At this particular moment, James was trying to "help" Jesse with the large stacking cups and it just turned into a play fest.

James loves that his grandparents have a trampoline. It makes me a nervous wreck the whole time, but he hasn't fallen yet. Praise the LORD!!! And Randad is always looking for an opportunity to tickle, touch, kiss, hug, or be with James.

He got him!

We took both kids a riding toy and they loved riding all over the place.

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