Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dress Up

Dress up is a really big deal at our house. Everyone loves to dress up and some love it more than others :)

James loves wearing ALL the dress up clothes we have. He loves to be the pirate and have sword fights, he loves to be the fireman and put out fires with the drum stick. He loves to be the cowboy and ride his horse and wear his cowboy hat. He loves to be the knight and wear his armor and carry his sword. He also loves to be the butterfly fairy. It cracks me up! He has no idea what a fairy is or what fairies do so he just walks around in this little tutu that is basically too small for him and begs the other kids to dress up like fairies with him.
Here they are digging around for more costumes to put on. Oh he will hate this picture one day, but for now I'm loving this stage of innocence and bliss.

I'm always made to dress up as well and for some reason I am always a fireman. It beats explaining to him why I can't fit in to the tutu!

I think I'll definitely be picking out his Halloween costume this year. I better not let him think he has a choice.

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Anonymous said...

His Uncle Jared used to love to dress up like that and Kaley and Jesse still do. = )