Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We are still really enjoying our journals and the boys get very excited when it's time to write in them. I'm sure it's mainly because they can use markers, but I also have them share their journals with each other and with people that come over (my mom or Remi's parents) so they know that it's a big deal.

Both boys have recently had fun outtings and so I wanted them both to write about their adventures. James went to Amarillo so I was curious as to what he would want to write about his trip and Remi went to a rodeo and so I wanted him to be able to tell about what he saw.

This first picture is Remi's account of the rodeo. I love, love, love how each different thing in the picture is a different color and in it's own place. This is such a great milestone for him and it shows development. No longer are things just scribbled all over the page, in one color, and in the center. He is using the full page and is able to have many details about his story. He first drew the cowboys, then the horse, then he drew him, his mom, and his dad. I only label and write down what the kids say so I was tickled when Remi drew his mom and called her "pretty Mommy". He told me a little about the cowboys and that they say, "Yee-Haw!" Soooo cute!

James chose to write about jumping on the trampoline at Mimi and Randad's house. His picture looks a little messy, but I love his placement of his objects, too. First he drew Mimi and Randad's house in yellow. It fills almost the whole page, (which is funny because when it came time to writing his story he said, "Mimi and Randad's house is big"). Then he drew a big blue trampoline in the middle of the page and then three orange people: him, Abbi, and Nana. The green color is his name. He no longer has been doing the five marks for each letter.

I love that the characters and the setting are present in both boys stories. I can't wait for them to start adding some details. However, Remi's hat on the cowboy and the quote "Yee-Haw" made me smile. Oh these little writers.

If you are stuck on what to have your child write about in their journals always remember to bust it out after something fun or eventful has happened. Also, this is guided not independent. I sit next to them and ask questions and write down everything they say. If I let them do this alone I would never know what all these colors meant. It would look like scribble scrabble. But sitting with them and talking with them I know that this is a story, a memory, a real moment in their little lives.

Happy learning!!!

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