Saturday, August 20, 2011

McDonalds: Food, Folks, and Never Eating That Again!

Call me crazy. Call me a gross. Call me unhealthy. Call me whatever you want, but you can no longer call me a McDonalds eater. I have never, ever, ever liked McDonalds food, but within the past 6 months I have started eating their breakfast sausage McMuffins.

I love that they have $1 drinks and I always stop by for a Dr. Pepper. James loves sausage so we started getting him a "biscuit" as he calls them, if we happened to stop in the morning time. He loves them and so does Nana. Jeremy and I even started loving them. For a while, Jeremy was eating two at a time.

Well recently we stopped there to let the kids play and eat and Jeremy noticed on the food wrapper they have the nutrition information for whatever you are eating. Let me just tell you that with the knowledge I have now about these biscuits it would be nearly child abuse to feed these things to my children ever again. I feel like my heart is going to stop beating at any minute just knowing that I ate these things. Listen to these facts:
This is for 1 sausage mcmuffin--450 calories, 51% of your daily allotment of saturated fat, 95% of your daily allotment of cholesterol, and 38% of your daily allotment of sodium.

No more, people!!! No more!!! I don't know what the heck is in those things, but when I see those percentages I start to get chest pains.

***Be aware of what you are eating. I'm ashamed that we have been eating these for the last 6 months and I hope we can undue the damage that we've done to ourselves and our kids.

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