Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Ready To Work on This :(

These are pictures of Nana's Life Book. When a child is placed in your home for foster care you begin working on them a Life Book. You start filling in the gaps of information that they may or may not have about themselves and start documenting all that you do with them or learn about them so that if they leave your home they will have this keepsake.

I love working on Nana's Life Book. I've done pretty well with keeping up with it and adding art work, pictures, letters, facts I learn about her, etc. But in the past few months I've kindof slipped in to feeling like "Momma" when I work on her Life Book and not "Foster Momma"

Earlier this week we found out that most likely Nana Bear will be leaving our house in January. She has some family that is willing to adopt her and they have begun that process. I'm sooooo very thankful that they are not taking her now, but I'm so very sad that she will not be with me forever.

Even though I know that this is the way it works, it's still very sad. It's sadness that I am more than willing to put me and my family through, but it's still sad. Hence the reason I'm not thrilled to work on her Life Book right now. Although I want her to have every memory I can give her, it makes me sad that I will not get to flip through this book with her when she's older and tell her all about "her story". It's hard to know what to say in her book because she may not know me when she reads it. I pray that her future family will share her story with her and share this book with her and I pray that she will see through this book that she was loved by many people and that for one year she made our life more joyful and more full.

Being a foster mom is hard; living life as a foster child is harder. Pray for our Nana Bear!

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