Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Randoms

The first thing I wanted to share on this post today was my new steamer. If you have an ALDI near you and you don't own a steamer then get in your car and go get one. This one cost $20 and it can do it all. I have already used it twice and we loved it!!!
The next thing I want to talk about is fruit and veggie sales. I've been seeing some pretty amazing deals on fruits and veggies here lately and already know that some of the seasonal stuff is about to gone, or atleast prices are about to go way up. Therefore, I have begun my winter prep. When I find bargains on fresh produce, and it's produce that I use in recipes, I get it right then and then bring it home and wash it and freeze it.

This week I found some beautiful strawberries at Aldi and bought 5lbs to freeze. We use these in fruit smooties all the time and buying frozen ones are more expensive then the .99 a pound I paid. I was sick of cutting strawberries by the end of the 5lbs, but it was worth it.

I also use diced tomatoes in EVERYTHING, including smoothies, so I stocked up on a couple of packages of these, too. Firm and delicious!

If you have not checked out Target's Dollar Spot lately you better go now. There are so many great bargains right now for back to school and I almost missed these great pocket charts, but my observant friend, Wendy, gave me the heads-up. These are small, colorful, and perfect for little learners. I bought 5 of them and we have already implemented them in to our daily learning.

Below is an activity I did with James this week. He had to match the capital letters with their lower case letters and then he matched everyone's names. I hung this pocket chart real low where they can all reach it and it's perfect. There were a few days of peeling letters out of Nana's mouth, but she eventually learned how to play with it and how to not eat the pieces in it. I hung it on our paneling with velcro strips.

This day was a fun hair day for Nana because all her hair was able to reach into pigtails. Now, I'm not sure African Americans call them pigtails, in fact I'm pretty sure they call them puffs, but whatever you call them doesn't change the fact that they are too cute! I can't believe her hair is already getting so long. I hope to have many years of learning how to braid and twist her curls.

And lastly I'll leave you with my two sweets sharing a tackle on the floor. Nana always pats James' head when he tackles her. If she doesn't like it then it's more of a pounding, but if she's in the mood to be tackled then she softly pats and rubs his hair. Love these two.

Please pray for us the afternoon of the 15th. Nana's parents have run out of time to complete their services so they are looking for family members who will take her. Obviously we are smitten and want to call her our own, but we know she belongs ultimately to the Lord. Pray for the decision makers who have the power, and pray for us because our hearts are heavy while we wait to see the outcome of our future with her. She's the best!

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The Edwardsesesesss said...

Good luck tomorrow, we are thinking of you guys.