Friday, August 26, 2011

What? We Can Play Outside?!

So I just had to begin this post with this picture because it's so adorable. We got home from the store one day and James needed to potty, but he wanted to go in the grass. So glad I saw this! I'm so happy that we've been able to play in the backyard this week. Although two days were taken by roofers, whoo hoo we have a new roof, we've certainly enjoyed having some outside time. The boys acted like they had never seen the fort before. I have a feeling the fort will be put to good use this fall.

I got the greatest picture of the three of them on the tire swing. I can't show it to you because Nana's face is in it, but trust me it's precious! I will be having it blown up on a canvas for the playroom. Yay!!!

Speaking of Nana, we got good news about her this week and are hopeful once again. The rollercoaster continues, but we're ready to ride it until the end.

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