Friday, September 23, 2011

Hiking Adventures

We took a nice hike through the park the other day. It started off with a nice pee in the bushes. Both boys love to pee outside and I have to say, it is easy.
This park that we love has an amazing bridge. What kid doesn't like to run across a bridge? We've run a million miles on this bridge and it's so fun!

Here they are trying to decide what to explore first.

Having a chat. So cute! Playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie. . . "we all fall down"

Buddies--and this little buddy just moved down the street from us and we're soooooo happy!

More rosie time. This time with Mammy.

Each kid picked a stick and carried it all over the place. Remi looks quite powerful and studly with his big stick.

Then they realized that banging their sticks on the metal created quite a fun sound so here's the "Stick Band" playing a tune.

I have to say that we are certainly going to enjoy the fall. Bring on park mornings!!

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