Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quack Quacks!!!

We've recently become aware that Nana is obsessed with ducks (quack quacks). She can find them in any store, any book, and farm themed whatever and she quacks with her loudest voice until you acknowledge that you too see the quack quack.

So this weekend we knew that we had to take her to feed the ducks. After raising ducks this spring I am totally against giving ducks bread; however, we forgot our thawed peas at home so we ended up having to give them cheerios. It's a little better than white bread, but still not good for ducks.

The kids had the best time. The geese came right up to us and were super friendly, until Nana tried to grab one and then he hissed and hissed until I yelled at him. Jeremy was a little amused that I yelled at a goose, but I didn't know what else to do.

Ya'll know I'm obsessed with shadow pictures and tried hard this night to take a new one. This picture pretty much sums up how interested James was in posing for a shadow picture.

Not quite, kid.

This one will do. I love Nana's tiny little head up top. So glad she can be a part of our shadow family. Plus, this is one family photo I can show the world because you can't see her face! Oh how I long to put her adorable pics all over this blog!!

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