Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Learnings

There's a lot going on here lately and our Fall has started off with a splash! Literally, we have started our pond/camping unit and are using our time outside wisely. The weather has just been too perfect and so what better way to learn then by doing experiments outside.

My kids love rocks. One of our flowerbeds has little pebbles on top of the soil and they are always playing in the rocks. On this particular day we did some rock sorting, rock senses stuff like shaking handfuls next to our ears, dropping them on the ground and listening, throwing them on the wall and listening vs. throwing them in the grass, etc. You get the idea. It was fun!
Here's Nana banging two together to hear the sound.

Here they are throwing them in the grass.
The best sound came from the wheelbarrow. One accidentally landed in there and made a fabulous clinking sound and after that we had to put EVERY rock in the wheelbarrow.

The first craft we made for our pond was a frog. Nana has never seen a real frog and James probably doesn't remember the real frog he has seen, but I have a fabulous book about frogs called, "Watch Me Grow: Frog" and it has shown us all we need to know about frogs. Here's the supplies you need to make a frog.
I put up our pond yesterday and was so happy to add these little guys this afternoon. The kids love having their art displayed and in no time our pond will be heavily populated!
I've been trying to do more purposeful strength/coordination building with the kids and this one was pretty fun. I put a small ball on one end of the tunnel and a cup at the other end--both the cup and the ball were just out of reach so they had to get out each time to complete their turn. They took turns taking the ball to the cup.

We did our journals outside today and I actually wrote in mine before they did. I took the easel (my journal) outside and we sat under our big trees and talked about the parts of our tree and about how the leaves will start changing colors as the weather gets cooler. My kids will not get art skills from me so don't judge my tree. These are toddlers and I don't have time to make beautiful drawings while they are watching.

Each kid started their "Tree Journal" today. I just printed out a small booklet off WORD for the months Sept, Nov, and Jan. We will watch our tree change and record it in our journals. Today the tree was green, obviously, but they will get to see first hand how it changes. I hung my journal up on the back porch to remind me to talk about our tree.

This was James' journal. He was in love with the trunk of the tree and I love how he drew the trunk to fill the whole page. Then he took one stroke of green for the leaves. These kids drawings just make me smile. I love love love watching kids think on paper. He spend the rest of the afternoon drawing "tall trunks" on the easel in every color that we own.

This is Nana's tree. I gave her the colors to use and she did the drawing. I can't wait for her to start joining in on some of our journaling. She actually carried a leaf around most of the afternoon so I do think she kinda understood what we were talking about.

This was Remi's. His was totally opposite from James' and I love it! He drew the trunk super tiny and then spent lots of time making leaves at the top. You can't see them, but he put little dots of brown in the green and I think he was making branches. His actually does resemble a tree. He's the artest of the group for sure!

Happy Learning!!!

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