Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Randoms

Oh it has been a fabulous week. Remi is back from traveling so my two have their playmate back, Jeremy has had a great work schedule this week and we've been able to play outside some. What more could a girl ask for?

Here's how we went through Wal-Mart today. The only thing that would make this picture absolutely perfect would be if James had on his red socks. He insists on wearing red socks when we go out and it's so funny!
Playing with Daddy's childhood car set. This kept them entertained for a LONG time. I love rotating toys because it's always like Christmas morning when you go get something out of the closet. NEVER NEVER NEVER throw a toy away (unless it's broken), they will love it again if you just put it away for a while.

Water time! Yay for better weather this week.
Here's the kids looking up into the attic. We got a new roof and have heard all the banging we want to hear for a long time, but it's beautiful and the process is over. Praise the Lord!!

This cracks me up because we keep all the push cars by the front door, but usually over in the corner. The other day I asked James to go park all the cars by the door and this is what I found. A traffic jam!

The cowgirl getting her purse stuffed and ready to go.

We have part warrior, part cowboy, part ballerina. This kid LOVES playing dress up. The dress up bin has to be the best thing in our playroom. It's so much fun!

Enjoying a picnic outside. Notice my completely dead flowers in the background. It's so sad, but I quit trying to keep them alive about 2 weeks ago. I felt like I was making them suffer by giving them water every day and continuing their agony. I'll replant in a few weeks and no one will ever know. Well, except ya'll but that's ok.

You can always count on the begging dog to by close by when we are having a picnic. She's always hopeful that the little animal loving girl will slip her some bites.

This picture cracks me up. This horrible looking monster slide at the mall is about to gobble up my sweet Nana Girl. Who puts stuff like this in a children's play area? Seriously?!

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