Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Randoms

It's been a fabulous week here at our house. Here's some pics of some fun things we've done. James is very much into building right now. He is great at stacking, which is something he's never really been good at so I'm happy to see him doing well at it now. He loves to build towers at the bottom of the slide and crash into them.
We bought our first tv this week and I got the cute green tv table from my mom's house. We've always just had hand me downs when it comes to tvs but it was finally time to bite the bullet and get a new one. Thankfully tvs are pretty cheap now.

We had dinner at the Davis' and Kyle sang sweet songs to the girls and played his guitar. James loves guitars so I was so happy for him to get to see Kyle play.

I'm all about making messes and doing messy things with kids, but for some reason I really don't like chalk. I never suggest that the kids do chalk, but I was feeling nice on this day and busted it out. Then afterwards we just played in the water and that was the perfect way to wash off the dust that gets all over everything.

We released James' turtle at the pond this week and purchased fish. I wanted to let him go before I forced to keep him through the winter. He'll have plenty of time to get established and fattened up for hibernating this winter.

I know I swore that Nana would wear diapers until she was 6 because I did not ever want to potty train a child again, but she's getting ready so here we go. She's been sitting on the potty and "trying" a little bit lately. She always tells me when she is pooping and sometimes we she pees so it's time.

That's a load of groceries! We've been doing lots of riding lately. Love our bikes and the cool weather.
Such a great week and hope we have many more with the Nana Bear. We'll hear some more news about her and her future with us on Wed. Please pray. We love this little girl soooooo much!!

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