Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Camping Out

Jeremy and James had their first camp out this week and boy was it an exciting time at our house. James was so excited to get to set up the tent, make a fire, tell camping stories, and sleep with daddy in the tent. Me and Nana did everything but sleep in the tent. It was a "No Girls Allowed" kinda night.

Here's Nana helping get the fired started.

James wore our fire starting cardboard box around on his head for most of the evening.

James got to find and use his first poking stick. Jeremy was so proud!

Getting the bed ready. James took his turtle pillow and his doggy to sleep with.

Once it got dark we brought out some glow wands and told campfire stories.

The evening was perfect until the cold front and rain blew in. The boys fell asleep in the tent but ended up having to come in because the tent was leaking and dripping water all over the bed. However, we now know that the same camping blood that runs through Jeremy's veins also runs through James' veins so we can now book our first official "Srader Camping Trip". So happy!!

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