Wednesday, October 19, 2011

G-Dad to the Rescue

My dad came to rescue us this week and we are so very thankful for his willingness to help. Our van is broken and needs a lot of repairs and so he towed us a new van from his car lot in Amarillo and towed our's back to have his mechanic fix it. We could not be more thankful for his help. With 3 toddlers around we do not need to be a one car family.

James was pretty pumped to get a visit from a grandparent. He had been looking forward to his arrival all day and even thought he spotted him while we were shopping at Aldi. Silly boy!
Nana put him right to work once he sat down. She brought him her favorite book and asked that he read it. This girl is a reading machine!

Here are the boys unloading the new van. James was a great help getting it unstrapped and off the tow dolly.

I love watching him to big boy things. If I asked him a question or asked him to turn and smile for the camera he'd say, "Not now momma. I'm working".

Exploring the new van.

Here they are getting our broken van strapped to the dolly. Bye Bye van. Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for rescuing us, dad. And thanks for driving the trip and bringing us the loaner van. We could not make it without your help!!

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Makkatt said...

Awwww! I bet Grandad had just as much fun as Nana and James!