Friday, October 7, 2011

More Tubs

Ok so this first picture is not a learning tub, but I just had to share that a certain little someone in our house is now pooping on the potty!! I've been holding off on this because I don't want to start potting training her if she is going to be moving to a new house, but she's coming up to me and telling me that she is pooping so at least for #2 I'm honoring her words and taking her to the potty. It certainly can't hurt even if she does leave for her to be used to being on the potty. I've had this game for a while, but never could remember to buy clothes pins. I was finally at Dollar Tree this week and picked up two packs of 36. This gave me enough for the upper and lowercase letters and numbers to 20. James did it today while I was washing dishes and he thought it was great fun!

I gave him 3 sheets to start with and soon will have him match lowercase pins with uppercase letters. Great fine motor practice, too.

We wrote in our journals yesterday and I had the boys select their favorite animal out of a tub and they were to record facts about the animal. Though most of our facts are very basic right now I hope both boys grow to have a love for writing (and reading) nonfiction.

Remi chose a tiger and he had so many things to say about his tiger. I opened our writing time with asking, "Remi, tell me about your tiger" and he just took off.

Nana was not to be left out of our "cross out" game yesterday. I hadn't printed her off a sheet to do, but after the boys got their turn she was not backing down from trying it out herself. I love that she loves to learn. She is passionate about work and it's sooo darn cute.

All I did was print out a sheet of pumpkins. She only had 8 on her's but the boys had 30. When I said the word, "cross" they were to put one line through the next pumpkin. Once we were all done we counted the pumpkins while touching them with one finger (one to one correspondance). Or course Nana and I did ours together, but the boys did their's on their own.

It was a good time to start showing the boys how to correctly hold a writing tool.

I have all these sheets on my computer so just message me or email me if you want them. Please don't make them yourselves and waste your time. :)

Happy Learning!!

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