Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Girls

I have to tell you about our latest girl that we sponsor from World Vision, but first let me introduce the idea of World Vision for those of you that don't know or haven't yet decided to sponsor a child.

World Vision is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. Jeremy and I have been sponsoring 2 girls for nearly 6 years now and I can't say enough about how it has changed us, softened us, and blessed us. You simply sponsor a child or two or three and each month you pay $35 for each child. This meets the family's basic needs, sends the child to school, and provides medical care for the child. It's amazing.

Well we got a letter today saying that one of the children we sponsor, Hellen, is no longer going to be partnered with World Vision. This made me totally sad until I heard that the reason why is because now her community is doing great and is capable of caring for themselves. This makes my heart happy. You'll see a pic of her later.

This is our newest girl, Leticia. I won't tell you her country because you do have to be private about info like that, but I'm in love with her already. She lives with her grandma and her brother and sister. Her grandma makes $1 a day. SERIOUSLY!!! I'm amazed at this. Amazed. . . and please don't tell me that the cost of living is cheaper where they live. No grandma should be raising 3 kids on a $1 a day ANYWHERE!!!!.

Anyway, I can't wait to get to know this little darling and begin corresponding with her. Isn't she precious!
This is Hellen. We sent her some birthday money last year and whenever you do that they send you a picture of the child with the things that they bought. This picture was from 2 years ago and it makes me so happy to remember her getting this goat, and the dress, socks and shoes for her birthday. The last letter I got from Hellen stated that she now has 5 goats and that two of them are pregnant. They drink the goat's milk, make cheese, and sell the babies. It's amazing that our birthday gift to her now generates her family income and nutrition.

I could tell you a million stories about these girls and the blessing they have been to us and us to them. I wish everyone would sponsor a child or two or three.
This is our little girl, Marion, that we are still sponsoring. We've had her since the beginning. This picture is from a few years ago and it shows what she bought with her birthday money. She got school clothes, a mattress, a dress, shoes, a backpack and school supplies. I was amazed that her sweet family allowed her to spend all the money on herself. I'm sure her momma wanted some new clothes, but everything was purchased for Marion. I love this sweet family. I remember her writing me about when her little brother was born and when I saw this picture it was so neat to see her little toddler brother walking around. :)

I hope that this holiday season you will decide to sponsor a child, but if you are not able to do that then please consider giving gifts that last. Go to and give goats or chickens, or clothes or whatever to families in need. You can give them the gift in someone's name and that can be their Christmas present. World Vision will send you a sweet little card that you can wrap and give to your family member as their gift. For instance, one year we gave Jeremy's siblings the gift of chickens and Jeremy's mom got given a goat. You have no idea how one goat can literally change someone's life. I have an idea! I have Hellen who no longer needs assistance because her family is now generating income that is stable.

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