Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Park Time

So we had a great time at the park the other night. Our entire Carrollton fan club was there to ensure each kiddo had a great time. Nana flip-flopped between my mom and my cousin Gail and James stuck like glue to his Papa. The little riding vehicles were so cute and James spent most of his time on them. He kept getting on and off and then "instructing" Papa which one he was to ride next.

He "instructed" everyone where they were to sit and when they were to move. I had no idea my child could "take charge" like this. Some might call it bossy--but I choose to believe he's just particular about some things.

Follow the leader!

This park is a pirate ship and so we will have to go back on Halloween because James is going to be a pirate and he will have to have his pic made on the ship.
Very fun night! So glad to have a fan club surrounding my kiddos.

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