Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remi on a Saturday???

Remi stayed the night with us tonight because his parents went to the Ranger game. The boys, and their girl, thought it was sooo fun to have Remi over on a Saturday. They played and played and played some more. Not that they don't play every day, but it seemed a little more "slumber party" playlike tonight.

This picture is important because it was the first time Nana climbed into the fort by herself. She's been close for a while, but I turned away for a second tonight and by the time I was back she was up and with the boys. This girl is as brave and confident as they come!

This picture shows one of the many things I love about Nana. She is so focused and curious and she loves to explore new things. I gave her my wallet tonight (because I bought a new one at my friend Wendy's garage sale) and she was soooo happy. It's always been something that she was attracted to, but not allowed to play with. But now, it's her's and she spend many an hour tonight learning to open it, carrying it around, putting grass clippings and rocks inside. She's a collector and to her everything is a treasure, even a grass clipping, so she loved having her own wallet to use any way she liked.

And I just had to throw this one in because we are still having successful poopies on the potty. I've honestly never kissed anyone while they were pooping so this was a first for me, but she loves kissing and she was so proud of herself!!

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