Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple Learnings

We did a few fun things yesterday and today that I thought I'd share. I actually had this activity out for Nana to do, but it was too hard for her because I was using farm animal manipulatives and expecting her to sort them by color. She kept wanting to sort them by animal (which is great!) and she was getting confused by me saying, "where does the blue sheep go?" So I quickly passed it on to Remi who loved it!

I'll fix it for tomorrow so that it's only one animal, but different colors. Two variables was tooooooo much for my little color loving girl. I will most certainly choose ducks because she is OBSESSED with ducks "quack quacks" as she calls them.

James did a coin sort, which I saw from my friend Wendy's blog. He loved sorting his money and had to take a second look quite a few times when it came to the quarter. Plus, some of the pennies were new and some were old and they looked very different in color so that was a bit confusing, but all in all it was a great tub. Here's Remi combining his favorite thing--art--with what he's learning--letters--. I started with a blank sheet of paper. I wrote letters all over the paper with him watching, I think it's important for our kids to see us write, and two of the letters I knew he didn't know (E and I) and 2 of them I wasn't so sure (S and R) and the rest I knew he knew. Then we practiced pointing to each letter as we said the letter's name and then he got to use dot paint to stamp each letter when I said its name. He did perfectly!

James did the same activity, but with different letters. This is great for letter recognition, letter names and sounds, following simple directions (you can only dot the letter) and motor skill practice (actually dotting a specific letter). Close Up

And I just had to share this picture because my husband has no clue about girl clothes. Sometimes it's kindof funny, but usually it's just sad. I asked him to get Nana dressed for church on Sunday and I gave him her dress and her sweater. This is what he came up with. . . Seriously!!?? He thought the sweater was an under shirt :( Poor guy. He has no clue.

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Monica Garcia said...

How funny! Martin has no idea how to dress Bella either. And Bella is obsessed with ducks right now too. She also calls them quack quacks! What a coinkidink!