Saturday, October 8, 2011

Walking the Dog

It may sound weird to you, but today was the first time that James has ever walked our dog. She's old and frail so we don't take her out with us when we walk; however, today we had to run an errand after picking her up from the groomer so when we stopped at the park to play she joined us.

James was pumped to get the opportunity to "walk" Gracie. It was really more like Gracie walked James, but he was so proud of holding the leash and he kept telling her where to go, even though she's pretty much deaf. I loved watching them interact.

Poor Nana spent the whole time trying to keep up and just catch Gracie. Nana loves all things that live and breathe and she's always looking for an opportunity to pet Gracie.

Look at how he held the leash on his arm. So cute!
She's lovin' life at this moment.

She finally caught her.

I love this picture because this was how the whole time was spent: Gracie leading the way, James positive that he was in control, and Nana chasing them trying to catch Gracie.

He's absolutely the sweetest guy I know. He's been Gracie's #1 friend all day and keeps asking her about their walk.

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