Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly Learnings

This has already been a great week for learning. These kiddos are so much fun to work with each day and they enjoy learning so much and it delights my little momma soul. I know I've said before on here that I LOVE THE PEGBOARD FROM DISCOVERY TOYS, but let me just say it again. . . I love the pegboard from Discovery Toys. It is my all time favorite--right now-- and is used every single day in this house. (My pegboard is the old version, the new version is the same colors but instead of all circles the pegs are different shapes)

Here's Remi sorting his colors. Now this is no ordinary color sort because he is having to sort the colors (mentally) and line them up on the pegboard. Tricky Tricky!! He did great.

All done! Masterpiece!!!

Then he had to take them from his pegboard and transfer them to the correct colored bowl (which just happen to be the Flip Flop Face bowls that I ADORE AS WELL!!!) There was sooo much thinking in this activity that I was sure he would need some playtime after this, but nooooo he wanted to do it again, and again, and again!! Love this kid.

***let me just say that if you do not have a set of primary colored bowls or cups in your house go get some. You don't have to buy the Flip Flop Faces from DT (although your kids would love them). Just go to the dollar store or something and get all the primary colors. I can't tell you how many countless activities you can do with sorting in bowls and cups. It's endless!!!

We used more of our pumpkin sheets today and Remi did some capital letter matching with foam letters
And James did a number recognition activity where he had to circle the number I called out. The first row of pumpkins was labeled 1-10 but backwards so 10-1. The second row was labeled 11-20 and the third row was labeled 20-11. This was a toughy because he's not quite fluent on his teens yet. Plus, drawing a circle around a small object is super hard for this guy.

You can see his work here: We weren't able to do the second row today because he was maxed out at that point and I did have to fold the paper to only show one row at a time because all the numbers were overwhelming. The one perfect circle around the 4 is me helping him do the first one.

Here's Nana doodling during the boys "tub" time. She loves to color so I just sat next to her and drew shapes and talked about them while she colored. It's nice to pair up the shapes with songs that kids already know. Of course the "star" is the first shape my kids learn because it can be paired with "Twinkle Twinkle". But when you draw a circle try singing "He's got the whole world in His hands" and make a circle above your head with your arms. Then for the heart you can sing, "Jesus Loves Me" or the Barney Theme song or something that has to do with love. It's amazing how quickly they can catch on to something when paired with a song. If you can't think of a song then think of an object--triangle:pizza slice--rectangle:train--square:box or tv or whatever.

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