Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekly Randoms

We've had a wonderful week here at the Srader house. Lots of outside time, James became totally obsessed with building with blocks this week, and I've been practicing lots of hairstyles on Nana. All those things will be represented in these pics. Enjoy!!

We tried out a new park today and it was a dud, but I took some beautiful pics of the kids. This is the only pic I can show because all the rest of them have my little lovely in them and I can't share her with my online community yet :( Boo!
This was a genius idea I had and it was genius because it was spur of the moment and it entertained for LONG TIME!! James wanted to wash Daddy's car, but unfortunately Daddy was at work and so was his car. So we improvised. I got them sponges and a bucket of water and they went to town. Loads of fun!

The best part of all was when they decided to start squeezing the dirty car sponges into their mouths for water. But that wasn't near as gross as when they started dipping the fly swatters into the bucket of water and licking the water off the fly swatter. Ewww! I'm hoping at least a few probiotics got into their system during all of that.

Our little builder. He is not satisfied unless he can't reach the top while standing on a stool. It must be tall or it isn't done.
We've spent some time practicing coloring in the lines. I never thought to even expect that from the boys until I saw it on someone's blog. I tried it this week and sure enough they can do it. Who knew? I guess we'll have some neater art coming your way in no time.
James' coloring in the lines.

Remi's coloring in the lines. Not bad huh!!?
Soooo very thankful for Fall, the boys, our Nana Bear, time at home, good sleep, and other people's blogs. Hope you had a great week. I'll try and take more pics this week so you can see more stuff.


Wendy Davis said...

I'm so going to have my kids wash their car, that's awesome! Maybe I'll give them a sponge and let them wash my car...

I had Finley color inside a circle the other day and she did pretty good!

Thanks for sharing :) Love those precious kiddos!

Monica Garcia said...

Yeah, the car washing idea was pretty awesome! My kids would love this!