Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Randoms

This has been a busy, fun, sad, and eventful week and thankfully Jeremy was on vacation all this week so he got to help me get everything done. First, I will start off by saying that we heard this week that Nana will not be staying with us much longer and as sad as it makes me to know that I won't get to be her forever mommy I am praising God in this moment for the family he did provide for her. But all that is for another post.

We headed out to the pumpkin patch on Thursday and to be honest with you we didn't have the best of time there, but it was our own fault. The kids were not interested in taking pictures, which disappointed me and Jeremy and I were just not "enjoying each other's company" on this particular day so we are going to go back next week and try again.

However, I did get this cute shot of the boys posing with Barney. They love Barney and I never thought I would ever want a picture of my kid with a character, but I'm quite proud of this one and they were proud to take it.
Remi stayed the night with us on Saturday night because his parents went to the Ranger game. The boys had so much fun running around the house and playing well past their bedtime. Nana was at her new family's house for the weekend so they had the place all to themselves. While I was cooking dinner I noticed that things got very quiet so I went to investigate. Usually quiet means they are up to no good, but on this particular day they were just quietly reading books in the living room. So cute!

We've been doing a lot of bike riding lately!

You'll notice the "blue line" in the background. Our driveway sits right on the curve of our alley and cars cannot see when they come around that curve. We put that blue line across the driveway to let the kids know how far they could go on their own. It works really well and they know that if they cross that line without an adult they are in BIG trouble. Just a little word of advice to anyone that is having problems with a child crossing a boundary. Make it clearly marked, practice using it correctly and then discipline them if it is disobeyed.

Slide hair!!!

He's become quite the climber. He even sleeps on the top bunk now because he can climb his own ladder :)

My boys!!

Sweet little girl exploring the park.

This is the boy's new favorite game. They stand in James' room with little plastic farm animals and try to chunk them up into the miniblinds. If one actually stays they rejoice at the top of their lungs. It's loads of fun. Can't you tell?

Hope you had a great week. Our house is definitely going through transition right now, but I have been clinging to James' memory verse this week: The Lord is perfect in all of His ways and loving towards all He has made. He perfectly answered all of our prayers for our little Nana and loves her more than we ever could and very graciously prepared a wonderful family for her.

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