Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Amarillo Time!!

We went to Amarillo for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time visiting everyone. Even though Nana didn't come with us, she had a good time with her family, too. We got to pick her up on our way back in to town so we're happy to have her back.

When we arrived, James was very shy with his Aunt Kaley, but she busted out the bubbles and he warmed up right away.
It's so nice for him to have big uncles to play with. JoJo is a load of fun and they raced, played cars, worked puzzles, etc., all week long.

Kaley showing her bracelet magic.

Rolling around on the trampoline like crazy boys.

Although he was pretty shy with Abbi the whole trip, he did give her a little love.

When we went to eat lunch with Jeremy's Babaw, they took a home tour and looked at all the old pictures of Jeremy when he was a kid.
For Thanksgiving we went out to my Uncle Keith's house and he had loads of stuff for the kids to do. He had goats and dogs and tractors and land. Here's James and his cousin Foster playing with the goats. Y'all know I love goats!

Here's James with my dad, his G-dad. We stayed the night with him Thanksgiving night and James loved playing with my old toys. The old Fisher Price toys are so wonderful!

It was so nice getting to travel a little and visit people. It's been so long since we got to do that and it felt good to go see everyone. Plus, Jeremy's brother just announced that he and his wife are pregnant so we are super excited to have a new Srader on the way!

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