Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekly Learnings

Wow! This has been a whirlwind of a week and there is so much going on in the Srader home and the blog has taken a serious hit, but I'm back and here's a little of what we've been going through:

  • My mom is now back from a 20 day trip (she's my third arm so it's good to have her back)

  • Jeremy's parents came and spoiled our babes for a few days

  • Nana has been back and forth between our house and her new family's house and it's taken a toll on this momma's heart and home.

  • We were selected to be "randomly" inspected by the State so we got to prepare for the enforcers to walk through our home. It's easy, but yet it's not easy to have someone inspecting your home.

  • I've had a cold and am now on the mend

  • Discovery Toys is keeping me booked with events (which is such a blessing, but it takes time)

  • Jeremy has been on vacation for 12 out of the last 18 days and it's been fabulous, but I'm a slacker when he's off.
Needless to say these are all very good reasons why I've been out of the blog loop lately and I'm starting to need my routine back. Glad to have had a break, but now lets get to work!!!

Our learnings lately have been Fall related and it is a load of fun to explore all the great things Fall has to offer. We wrote in our journals today and to be honest I waited too long to get this story out of them. I wanted them to write about Halloween and something fun they did, but bringing up past events is hard with 2 year olds. Remi did great! James was not very interested, but they love their journals so writing is fun even if you're not pumped about the topic. Remi wrote about Trick or Treating and had tons to say about his night of collecting treats. Love how he used straight lines this time to represent different things.

James wrote about the Carnival that we went to. He was in love with the bounce houses so it was no surprise when that's what he chose to write about. I love that the green bounce house takes up most of the picture and is centered and that his people are on the outside.

This is our new game from Discovery Toys called "Flip Over". It says on the box that it is for 4 and up, but I highly disagree. Now it might take a while for James to be able to do this game independently, but he loves it now and is great for 2 year old that love games. You simply match the other part of the animal and then press a lever that flips the card over and you begin again. It's great for concentration, great for matching and thinking, and a great conversation piece because all the cards have details on them that can be talked about. For instance, the cow card also has grass and a can of milk on it.

Caught Remi working alone one day and was tickled by what he was doing. Matching his colors and making towers. What a super kid!

I updated the words on our fridge and put in some new sight words and made it a matching game. The words are stuck to the fridge with contact paper and the matching cards are made with the backs of cereal boxes, covered in shipping tape and then I hot glued a magnet on the back. It's great!

The boys made jack-o-lanterns and glued their memory verse on the back, "The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?"

This is the one picture I have of us carving our pumpkin. Pathetic--I know, but we made one and it was cute . . . until the bugs got into it and then it was disgusting.

We've started our first official experiment and it's been a lot of fun watching the results. I bought some Indian Corn at Wal-Mart and the kids recreated their own. . .
Then we made some predictions as to what might happen if we put our corn in the dirt and began watering it. They had no idea and it was so fun to watch them plant and water this corn. I could tell they were thinking, "Why in the world are we doing this?"

Each kid had a different job. Remi scooped the dirt, Nana buried the corn and James dumped the water.

Then we recorded our work and made some predictions.

Nearly a week later we are starting to see some results. Fun! Fun!!

I hope you've had a fun week of learning. I'm so excited to have more time to learn about Fall and start to prepare for Thanksgiving. I'm full of fun ideas!!!

I'm having an Usborne Book party at my house on Nov 13 at 8pm. If you want to come you will love the books that they have to offer you and your kiddos. The party will not disappoint. If you want to look online and shop through my party link then click here and it will take you to the site. Don't forget to stock up on meaningful Christmas presents (like books) that will last you year round. They may not be the most fun to open, but they bring the greatest reward and that's the love of learning throughout the year. Happy Learnings!!

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