Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekly Randoms

Another week has passed through our lives and we are better off having lived it. I've certainly enjoyed these three this week. We've had fun spending some of what we thought were our last moments together. Nana was suppose to leave us on Wednesday. We packed her things. We said goodbye, our friends and family came and said goodbye. People brought gifts. People cried their eyes out. Her little friends cried and hugged her--however, something has changed and her new family needs more time. More time! We will give them all the time they need because having her here longer is a dream come true. Pray for us. Pray for her. I'm not sure what the future holds, but they asked for more time and we will give them that.

So on to our great week. Here we are riding in style into the mall. Our double stroller has been more than ideal and we have worked it hard. I can pile two kids in the back seat and that's just what we did to get all of us into the mall to go play with our friends.
Nana loves Gracie. Nana loves animals. She tries everyday to catch Gracie and pet her and on this particular day Gracie was more than willing to let a little tiny person love on her.

Every parent knows that basket are a child's favorite toy. Nana decided to play in the blocks rather than with the blocks.

And dumping the basket is always fun, too.

I had a big Discovery Toys event this past weekend for TOTA (Texas Occupational Therapy Assiociation). It was so much fun setting up all the inventory and selling for two days straight. After this event the shelves were almost empty. This was by far the biggest thing I had been a part of so far. The holidays are crazy with events like this and I'm grateful for the business.

We took a nice stroll around the neighborhood a couple of times this week. Nana would not let my mom put her down so my mom may have been a little worn out afterwards, but we had fun. James drives his car or rides his bike when we walk now. How did he get to be so big?

Papa brought over a special treat later in the week. He brought the kids a little wind up chick and they have enjoyed watching it peck all over the house ever since.

We've moved the cars out of the garage and started using it for riding bikes and playing. It's been fun watching the kids play out there and on this particular day they wanted to climb the ladder. We're thinking of converting our garage into a room for school/play. I'm excited to start thinking about the possibility of having more space for that. We want a house full of kids so converting the room is not that crazy of an idea.

And of course a week is not complete unless you see boys sitting in the window in their underwear. These two sillies have been lugging these stools around all week finding new ways to put them to use. Standing and sitting in the window is loads of fun and apparently the "cool" thing to do.

James' new favorite book is "Go Dog! Go!" I love it because the pics match the words and he can almost read it himself. He put Mammy to work this morning by having her read it two times. It's very long so they were there almost 20 minutes. I love that James loves to read. It warms my heart to get to watch him become a little reader.

Hope you enjoyed your week with your kids. We're eager to see how long the Nana Bear will get to stay. Transitioning has not been easy or fun, but I'm not going to complain about getting more time with her.

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