Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Activities

Although I'm a little unorganized at the moment to begin a new theme, I knew I had to start our Christmas stuff on Dec. 1 to coordinate with advent and our days of giving. So that being said this first picture is the very first Christmas activity that we did. I gave the kids our big glass Christmas tree candy jar and had them search the house for things that were red and green. We talked about how people use these colors to decorate for the holiday and have been pointing that out when we are out and about. They loved collecting little pieces from here and there and placing them in the jar. It now sits on our table and is an adorable decoration.
Here's Nana's angel that she made. We are learning all about the key characters in the nativity and I think the angel is pretty important. Not only does one bring the good news to Mary and Joseph, but also to the shepards.

Wendy told me about this idea of cutting out a 3 foot felt Christmas tree and letting the kids decorate it with felt decorations. Genius!!! They have loved this.

I just hung it on our playroom wall with velcro circles and it works perfectly. I use those for everything because I don't put any staples on my walls. I can't wait to celebrate the season with these two! So excited to start our traditions and teach them more about Jesus.

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