Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with G-Dad

We had Christmas dinner at G-Dad's house, my dad, and all the cousins got to play and squeal and run and giggle and do "cousin" things all over the place. The boys played hide-and-seek upstairs while the girls rocked their babies.
We tried to get a great picture of all four grandkids on the fireplace and ended up with some hilarious shots of some hilarious kids. I can't post any more than this because of Nana's privacy, but I got some good ones.
James loved his new puzzles, new coins, and farm set that G-Dad gave him. And Nana loved her new babies and bath toys that she got. We had a nice time eating and being together.

My dad is the king of traditions. You can always expect the red sweater, the Christmas tree table, the stockings on the fire place, and the yearly coins from him every year. I'm assuming when my kids remember Christmas with their G-Dad that they will remember the red sweater.
He also has a tradition of pulling a quarter out of the kids ears whenever he or they leave. Each kid loves it and stands very still. I remember my grandpa, Pop, doing this to me and James loves getting a quarter pulled out of his ear.
How does he do that?

So glad we got to spend Christmas evening with my dad, his friend Glenda, and my brother and his kids. I'm so very thankful for all of James' grandparents and for his cousins, Laney and Foster.

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