Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with Mammy and Papa

We ended our Christmas celebrations with Christmas at Mammy and Papa's. My brother and his kids came up for the week and we have had so much fun hanging out and playing with all the kids. My mom's yearly tradition is to make the kids matching Christmas pajamas and then we try to take a picture of everyone together wearing them. This year was better than most year's but it is still difficult to get a decent pic of four little ones. Aren't the boys so sweet?!

James' favorite present of the day was the frog that Mammy gave him. He loves frogs and turtles and this one has a little screen on its belly that shows different pictures. Mammy programmed pics of him and them and us on it and he loves it.

We took a walk after opening presents and if you can't tell by the picture there are five kids walking (Remi was here also) and we made quite the line down the street. You should of seen us trying to cross the street with five kids. It was a joke!

Then we came back and the boys raced cars and bikes around the driveway.

James was so very sweet to share his brand new bike with his cousin. He didn't even bat an eye about sharing. Foster liked using the neighbors driveway as a ramp, too! Nana and her favorite person on earth. No really, she loves Mammy more than me. I'm ok with it.

We've had lots of time at Mammy's house. I think we've only come home this week for baths and bed time. The kids have had fun playing blocks. . .

tackling Mammy. . .

and this morning we took everyone to the mall playarea and the kids played themselves silly. Here's Mammy and her girls!

I'm so thankful for my brother and his kids. I'm so thankful for my mom and the fact that she lives close by. I'm so thankful to end our Christmas time with them and have enjoyed every minute.

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