Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with Mimi and Randad

Christmas could not have been more perfect this year. Jeremy was actually off on Christmas day this year and we were able to take a nice long trip to Amarillo. The kids were spoiled rotten and we got to spend time with each and every member of the family and that seldom happens on our short trips.
James was adoring all the adoring. His aunts and uncles are CRAZY about him and let's not even talk about how CRAZY his Mimi and Randad are for him. He had a blast playing with everyone!
Our Nana Bear loved hanging out on Abbi's arm and dressing up with makeup, beads, her new butterfly outfit and all things girly. We could not have been more happy to share another holiday with this sweet girl and I was secretly glad that her and Abbi got to see each other again. We didn't get to take her for Thanksgiving and those two girls are perfect for each other.

James got a new bike for Christmas from his Randad and he has already worn the wheels off that thing. Well not really, but he will in time. I'll post more about his cool bike later, but let's just say he loves it and it super great at it.

Because of the snow we got on Christmas morning, Babaw was unable to drive out for presents and so we went to see him later in the morning and the kiddos loved helping him open his new gifts. Babaw is a bit smitten with Ms. Nana himself.
Joseph was always available for whatever James needed. He helped give him a boost around the house on his new bike since we couldn't ride outside.

I think this picture sums up how James feels about his Uncle JoJo.

Thank you Srader Bunch for loving on our kiddos and blessing us with way too many gifts. We love being with y'all especially for fun times like Christmas!!!

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