Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My New Goat

Many of my friends and family know that I've always wanted a pet goat. I've dreamed of seeing a cute little goat outside in my backyard running, jumping, eating various things, and being a sweet pet. Well . . .

I finally got the goat that I've always wanted. She's so cute and playful and loves her new home. Although I know nothing about taking care of goats, this one is pretty easy to care for. All I have to do is pray for her.

What? Does is sound weird that I pray for my goat? Well, that's all she needs from me. You see my goat isn't actually living in my backyard like I had planned. She lives in Africa with a family I've never met. I know she loves it there though because she's needed. She loves to help her new family earn income and she loves to give them warm healthy milk each day. She has high hopes of becoming pregnant and making more and more goats to play with.

You see, when I thought about what I wanted for Christmas all I could really think about were wants. I had no real needs in my life. I wanted mainly things for my children and a few things that make my life a little easier, but I didn't NEED anything. My goat now belongs to a family who NEEDED her to live. NEEDED her to make ends meat. NEEDED her to nurish their children and NEEDED to be purchased by me. I've spent $75 on most everyone in my family. It didn't hurt me one bit to spend $75 on my goat. I love her! I have high hopes for her! I know that she will make a difference. I pray that she will be a blessing.

This will be the 8th goat that Jeremy and I have helped a family get and although I've only heard stories about 2 of our goats I know how valuable they are. Our two African "daughters" love their goats and rely on their goats and take pictures with their goats and write to us about their goats.

Who knew that the goat I always wanted would make such a difference in the world? Go here if you would like to buy a goat for your family and for your precious neighbor oversees. You won't regret this Christmas gift and it will never ever ever be returned by it's owner. They will love it and you will be able to be Jesus to someone :) Merry Christmas!!


phyllis scanlon said...

Kaitlyn got a goat too! It's in the Phillipines. We hope her family has many wonderful days ahead nurturing her and enjoying what she has to offer them. Phyllis

wittamunch said...

I love this!! You are a blessing!

Wendy Davis said...

Awesome! Though, I'm still waiting for the day when we come over to play and you guys have a goat in the back yard!