Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Stuff! New Stuff! New Stuff!

Our playroom changed again today. I love change and this change was needed. Maxey found us this awesome preschool table and it's been in our garage for a few weeks until I got a vision on how to best use it in our playroom. Well, the vision hit me today and I got it all set up and even moved another storage bin (the white one) from James' closet into the playroom to hold all our arts and crafts stuff.

The table is perfect. The kids can reach it perfectly if they sit on our stools or they can stand and reach. Nana is too short to stand comfortably and draw so she uses a little step stool and it's perfect! We've done stamps, paint, markers, tracing, crayons and all kinds of stuff on the table all afternoon. I'm so happy to have it.
You can see the little shelf under the table. It fits perfectly and holds most of our puzzles. I love that this shelf is now out of the way, but still useable. Yay!

Here are the little crafters hard at work.

This is our new Melissa and Doug game. It's called, "Sort and Snap Color Match". I actually bought it for Nana because she is loves sorting and matching colors. Plus, the boys do puzzles all day long and she didn't have anything like that that she really loved. However, the boys have been loving this toy. Nana will have to be a little stronger to fully be able to use this anyway, She can match the colors but the pegs are hard to snap in. Maybe by her birthday she'll be ready.
I also spend a couple of hours printing things of the 1+1+1=1 blog yesterday. That lady is a genius and I love using her stuff. She has these sheets in a binder for her nearly 3 year old to do while her big kids do their calendar work each day. I just love the idea of having binders made up full of activities and so I printed them out and got them all in page protectors and the kids have loved them. I hadn't put them in binders in this picture, but now the kids have a binder with all the letters of the alphabet.

This game isn't new to us, but this little sorter girl is. She is a sorting machine. I love watching her get all serious and focused. She loves to "do school".

And last but not least is James' first Christmas present of the season. His friends Finley and Rowynn hooked him up big time. They got him a guitar and he more than loves it. He has been guarding that thing since we brought it home. He plays and sings and it is oh so cute! He always plays with Finley's guitar when we go over there so they absolutely picked out the most perfect gift for him.

I think he likes it!

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Wendy Davis said...

Oh my goodness. I absolutely love the table. That is so perfect. And yes I love that blog as well. I made Finley a little christmas binder the other day and she loves it. So happy that James loves his guitar!