Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Little Christmas

Before all the traveling and family Christmas celebrations began we decided to do our own little family Christmas at home. We still haven't established what will be "our" traditions, but we do know that stockings are important to us both and letting the kids run into the living room to see their gifts was also important to us both. Here are the kids waiting for Daddy to say "let's go"!
We had a display of cardboard blocks set up for James to crash through and a doll house set up for Nana to run to and it ended up both kids ran to the doll house and played with it non-stop. We finally had to make them go open their stockings. I'm so happy for Nana to have this doll house. She is girly girly girly and this is a great toy for her. It was actually donated by sweet people who love to generously bless foster kids. I specifically asked for this toy and asked for it to be the African American family version and they bought it for her. It's perfect!

Opening up her gifts. We knew our kids were going to be spoiled rotten by our family so we tried to pick gifts that no one else would give them. We loaded them up with new puzzles and some new bath toys.

We were also given a set of cardboard blocks from Buckner and that was James' big surprise. We had a few that I had gotten at a thrift store, but now we have tons! He and Remi will be building for hours.

I could not be a more blessed Momma. I love that God has granted me more time with Nana and that she was able to spend yet another Christmas with us. James has grown and changed and bloomed so much this year. I just can't believe he is so big and capable. I'm so thankful for my life, my Savior, and my family!

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Monica Garcia said...

We got the exact same doll house for Bella. She loves it too!