Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekly Learnings

This week has been full of fun crafts, great learning activities and some fun outdoor play. The cold weather isn't stopping us from having fun and I'm thankful for the productive week.

My Nana Bear is always willing to learn something new so we have begun taking a closer look at letters. We are starting with the letters in her name and mostly just playing sorting and matching games with them right now. She doesn't know their names yet, but she is great at any matching activity so I made her this little match the other day and she did great!
Although it's cold outside, I have 3 toddlers who are in constant need of releasing energy so we set up our bounce house in the garage and it was a hit. We've already cleared our garage out so that we can play out there and I am loving the extra space!

I've been having the kids make their own snacks in the afternoon and it's been a real treat :) On this day we made little mini pizzas out of wheat bread and they loved them! James preferred no sauce on his, but everyone wanted pepperoni. Yummy!!!

We've been doing lots of picture posing around here. This is James' picture that I took for the stocking her made. If you received our Christmas card this week then you know the other picture I took. I wish I could post it to the blog, but maybe someday I can share it. Still waiting on news for Nana. The waiting game is hard, but I can't wait to find out if she's mine!!!!

Exercise meets nature walk. My little movers love to take their push toys around the neighborhood. We've done many a mile this week and it never hurts to take a break to collect leaves and acorns. James is the king of spotting acorns and feels strongly about stopping and pointing them all out. So our walks are long, but fun.

This is our alphabet train puzzle that I just adore. James has loved it for a while now, but Remi has just now started taking a liking to it. I decided one day after he had completed it to have him match foam letters to each letter in his puzzle. It was a wonderful way to get in some extra letter practice, plus it was a challenge to look through the whole train to find the right one. We'll be doing this again soon!

I love taking the kids to Aldi and letting them take their shopping buggy. James took the baby stroller this time and pushed it around gently like a sweet little daddy. Nana was so sweet as she looked for the right groceries and placed things in her basket. They are so fun!

More puzzles. The love of puzzles has exploded at our house. I think we've purchased about 15 puzzles this month. The boys love them and James literally works on them all day. Here's Remi smiling with one he completed. If you have a puzzle lover at your house I hightly recommend the Melissa and Doug box sets. They come with 4 puzzles in them and they are perfect. We have 3 sets right now and the kids love them.

If you look on my right hand tool bar, under educational blogs, and click on 1+1+1=1 then you will see lots of cool ideas for Christmas projects. I'm not sure that I got this one from her, but it came from someone on the right hand side. Anyway, it's Christmas trees made out of different shapes. It took me all of 5 minutes to prepare it and all 3 kids could do it. I loved this activity and I loved all their little trees.

Here's Remi cutting out his stuffing for his stocking. I love the toddler scissors and this was the first time Remi had ever used them. I always forget to get them out and when I needed scraps of paper for their stockings it dawned on me to let them do it. Challenging yet rewarding.

James' finished product. I still have to laminate it, but isn't it sweet. I love how he placed his letters
This is an ornament that we made this week out of scraps of wrapping paper. I just cut them into strips and had the kids paint the ornament with glue and then put the strips down. Then we put some tinsel on it to make it sparkle. All 3 kiddos made this. I will laminate it and put a topper on it, but it will definitely be going up on our tree.

This is our Christmas sensory tub. I put random Christmas objects in it like: bows, ornaments, Christmas erasers (thanks Wendy!), pom poms, tinsel and the letters to spell the name Jesus. They've had fun digging around in there to find stuff. I chose blue rice for this one. I typically like pinto beans, but rice was better for this theme.
Here's the ingredients before I put in the rice.
I saw this craft at Wendy's house and just had to make it. It's adorable. This one is Remi's. After they made them we kept singing "Away in the manger" and they about have it memorized. So many great conversations have already started happening this season. James loves talking about the day Jesus was born.
This is definitely a game off 1+1+1+=1 She has a dice that you can print out that has all the nativity characters on it and then you roll the dice and graph your results. We have played this one on one and in a group several times. I love it!

Hope you've had a great week learning with your kiddos. Don't forget that there are creative people out there that you can follow and use their stuff. I am always looking at other blogs to see what other people are up to.

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