Friday, January 27, 2012

Counting Button Holes

This is called a file folder game. You take a file folder and decide on an activity to put inside. I actually made this back when I was teaching, but it came in handy today with James and his counting. I just cut out 12 buttons (constuction paper circles) and drew dots on them ranging from 1-12 (make sure you only use numbers that you know your child can one to one correspond* to or this will be frustrating). Then I cut small squares and put number stickers on them (you could easily just write the numbers) and laminated everything. The number squares stick to the file folder with velcro dots and that also helps keep the pieces together when you're done.

Easy, educational and fun!

**one to one correspond just means that your child can point to the dot and say the right number at the same time.

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