Saturday, January 21, 2012

Needy Foster Mom + Needy Boy = Love At First Sight

I've been debating on how to introduce my newest little friend. I want you to get to know him like I have, but pictures don't tell the whole story. Should I just show you back-of-the-head pictures that give you a little clue as to what he looks like? No, I get tired of only showing back of the head pictures and although this little guy has some wonderful hair the best part about him is his nose and his eyes.

Should I show you cute pictures of his little round tummy? No, although his tummy is round and soft and perfectly perfect there's more to this little guy than a cute little round tummy.

I would love to post videos of his cute little coo and his sweet little grin that already lights up when I talk to him. I would love to show you how he so contently sits in my arms and looks into my eyes like a little angel. I would love for you to see how he struggles during tummy time and gets so mad and looks at me asking, "Why would you ever even dream of laying me down that way?"

Everything I wanted to post just seemed so typical 2 month old. I want you to know this dream baby is not typical. He is precious beyond words and God (and CPS, whom I love and will never talk bad about again) placed His protective hand over this little guys life and brought him out of a situation that I may never fully understand. This little man has been through stuff. I don't know what kind of stuff, but there was stuff.

So I leave you with this picture. This picture, that I could have lived my whole life without ever seeing and been fine, is just one of 100 that I have taken of our little guy. But it gives you a glimpse into my new loves little life. Though he is perfect, and happy, and sweet, and adorable, he is hurt. I've often said that being a foster mom is hard, but being a foster kid is harder. Life got hard real fast for this little 2 month old. Please pray for him. Please pray for his family, who we haven't met but are trusting that the Lord is working His love into their lives right now. Please pray for his healing and for his future. We don't know how long he will be with us, but we know that we are enjoying every single second.


Anonymous said...

I'm in tears right now! You are doing such a wonderful thing Maile. I'm praying for you, your newest addition, and his family.

Anonymous said...

Awww.praying for the little guy, his family, and y'all.

J Topp

The Edwardsesesesss said...

wow, I am crying too, what a strong little spirit he must have. And how wonderful that he has the Srader clan to watch out for him!